Five-Year Plan

FOVR-MN is working to address numerous concerns that the NSC has about continuing to operate the velodrome: track condition, operational costs, visibility, and corporate support. FOVR-MN isn’t just working to fund this repair – we’re working toward ongoing stability of a track cycling community in Minnesota.

2014: Working with engineers to assess the condition of the NSC Velodrome and develop a remediation plan. Working with engineers, architects, and lawyers to ensure the safety of the velodrome for its users and a lack of liability concerns for its owners and operators.

2014 – 2015: Raising money to fund the repair. Engaging engineers and architects in the repair.

2015: Supporting high-profile events at the velodrome to continue building the track cycling community. Developing new corporate sponsors and supporters of the NSC Velodrome and the broader National Sports Center.

2016 and ongoing: Working to reduce the NSC Velodrome’s deficit in its operating budget via recommendations to cut costs and working to raise revenue.

2017, 2018, and beyond:Assessing the viability of other velodrome projects in Minnesota and supporting them as we see appropriate.